You’ve got a great business...
so where
is everyone?
You know you’ve got something amazing to offer,
but everyone else seems to have missed the memo.
Why is that?
Why can’t you reach the right people?
Why is everyone bouncing off your site thinking “meh”?
Why are you struggling to stand out from your competitors?
Why are you charging less than you’re worth… and still not making enough sales?
Because your customers aren’t mind readers: they won’t know
HOW or WHY you’re awesome unless you darn well show them.
OUR JOB? To get customers to latch on to you and never let go.
OUR TOOL? The written word.
A bit bonkers, but let’s not dwell on
that right now.
We help you communicate what you stand for and why you’re the
only choice for your potential customers. We help you sound like a
human being rather than a corporate drone.
And we help you have
a strong, confident written personality – the type that might even
(whisper it) make some people think “Ugh – not for me!” (Trust us:
this is a good thing.)
The result?
You’ll reach the right people – your dream customers – who’ll love everything you stand for.
You can forget about cutting prices: they’ll be so captivated that your competitors won’t even get a look-in.
Your business will be bristling with personality, drive and enthusiasm – and we’re pretty sure you’ll have WAY more fun with it.
Sound good?
You know it does!
So how do you get involved?
 Get the book, May I Have Your Attention, Please?, on Amazon
It’ll show you how to turn your business text from snore to ADORE in no time.
 Work with us!
We write personalityful text for websites, marketing materials, sales pages, the works.